Thursday, December 8, 2011

first time pakai bedak sejuk

frust glerrr !!! dengan jerawat nie , picit pun dah , guna lip balm dah , guna minyak cap kapak pun dah yang macam some bloggers cakap , but still ada lagi lepas 1 - tumbuh .  dah tak tau nak buat apa lagi bagi jerawat hilang , hmm tadi picit jerawat depan cermin tiba - tiba nenek nampak and cakap , "tak elok dipicit jerawat tu , nanti naik 1 muka , amik bedak sejuk kat bilik atok  , pakai " ,  HAHA then syera amik and pakai , ada orang cakap bau bedak sejuk tu busuk , was - was jugak nak pakai , sebab tak pernah pakai , takut tak boleh tahan bau , tapi bila dah pakai okayyy jea ^^ , takda bau pun . Kulit berminyak pun dah tak rasa , sementara tunggu bedak tu kering kat muka , bukak laptop jap then baca pasal bedak sejuk , patut lhaa rasa lain lepas pakai dia buang  minyak  yang banyak kat muka kita , mintak - mintak lhaa lepas niyy jerawat takda , macam - macam dah eksperimen kat muka nie .


Monday, November 7, 2011

why no pretty little liars on 8tv ?

Hey guys , to all Pretty Little Liars (PPL) obsession out there just want to share out with you guys that PLL would not seen on 8tv in Malaysia after this , why ? it's because Malaysia use a fake licensed to take this drama out from USA , I don't know is it the truly news or not , I got this news from my   facebook  friend's named 'Novel Lim' , she post to 8tv pages on    facebook   about PLL , cause PLL was not showing on 8tv about a month or 3 weeks like that , and it's so weird i'll staying in front of my television 10:30pm SHARP!!! and i'm wondered maybe 8tv changed the time of the preview , so i decided to post about PLL on 8tv pages , and one of PLL obsession from Malaysia named  'Novel Lim' she adding me and start chatting all about The PLL , sharing our interest with the same person that also had a same interest with us was so fun , nahh she's the one that told me about this , and she also told me that in Malaysia if we want to catch PLL , we have to buy the dvd and the price of  the original dvd is RM89.90 and not - original is RM60.00 , yeahh it's much expensive I know , I wanna watched it caused i already got a crazy obsession about this drama and i really wanna know whose the 'A' in this story .Another thing that she told me also is we have to waiting for next season and the season is next year 2012 , I don't know how far the truly about this news , and what can i say is we #pretty little liars lover  really hoping that its shown on tv back . I missed Aria , Spencer , Hanna and Emily and also Ezra fitz , caleb and toby , I loved them Caleb is so handsome <3 ,

# a bit synopsis about Pretty Little Liars

About these four girls named Aria , Spencer , Hanna and Emily who are hiding numerous secrets which could ruin their family, their friends, and their lives. After a murder of one of their best friends, Alison DiLaurents, a mysterious person named "A" has taken to stalking them.